Survey Winch

Designed for Survey and Towfish Operations


Specially designed and manufactured for subsea surveying and mapping projects


High Sensitivity

It works with high precision for measurements with the mechanical and optional digital counter on the crane.


Easy Operation

Easy to install and use. Practically portable and one man operation.


Various Applications

It helps you make your projects more effective for marine mapping, research, exploration and more.

Wide range of uses

These cranes are, specially designed for your surveying business, extensively used and tested.

Mapping tools

The design can be used for a wide range of purposes by connecting other tools to the tip.

Easy installation on ships

It can be easily mounted on decks. You can position it as you wish with its own wheels.

Incremental capacity

The cable and other apparatus used can be easily changed and you can adjust the capacity according to your work.

Ideal for Towfish

Side Scan Sonar
Marine Magnetometer
Subbottom Survey
Oceanographic Survey

More than a winch…

Specially developed for your project.

Designed with excellent equipment and superior engineering for your exploration and mapping projects, the crane offers you the highest quality performance. Characterised by its reliability and durability, this crane is designed to meet all your marine mapping and surveying needs. 

High Durability

Designed in accordance with the maritime environment, the cranes are manufactured to withstand heavy weather conditions.

Easy solutions for bathymetry

This instrument is specially designed to extract underwater topography with high resolution. It offers exceptional accuracy in depth measurements, making the details of the ocean floor visible down to the finest detail.

Bathymetry measurement is an important tool in marine engineering, marine science research, harbour planning, underwater archaeology and many other applications. If you are looking for a reliable, precise and durable solution to explore the mysteries of the underwater world and make detailed mapping, our specially manufactured cranes will make your bathymetry measurement easier.

Ideal solutions for your business

Compact Design